The “New Year, New You!, SMART Goals, Intentions” hoopla is big this time of year, but overrated. Because, like Einstein said, either everything is a miracle or it’s not. New Year is not the only time for miracles, but it’s as good a time as any.

If you have a yoga practice, you’re familiar with everyday miracles. You’re in a process of conversation with your desires and intentions, one that will level you up - with some detours along the way.You are capable of starting anew with each and every breath and you’re always waking up to a world already in progress with you in it, mid-living.

So for the turning of this year, this decade, this arbitrary and meaningful marker we have culturally agreed to observe, engage with your yoga practice. Roll out your mat in the living room or backyard, come to practice at the studio, register for group program with your favorite teacher, download the Yoga Practice Journal. Do one small thing that connects you to your practice. Take one mindful breath, then another. Then shut the door and take another.

Sure, bring to mind your ideal day, your ideal job, your ideal home, your ideal feeling, your ideal year. Those are all creatively fruitful. When you’re in the market for a red VW Bug, they’re everywhere, as the saying goes. You’ll start to notice all the ways that ideal day, job, home, feeling and year are already nascent in your life as you’re living it right now. And those seeds will grow with your attention.

And every time you roll out your mat and practice, all you have to do is connect to your breath, the sensations of being in your own body, right here, right now for everyday miracles to occur. Give yourself the gift of practice, starting right now, so you can show up at ease and with clarity for the others in your life. “Practice, and all is coming,” said Pattahbi Jois, Yoga Master. Practice and all is here.