I woke up this morning feeling a little peaked with a rather full day ahead. Flu has been all around and I was feeling down: "Oh no! I've done everything to stay healthy! I've been so careful and good! I can't be sick!"

I know - what a pompous thing to think! Of course I can be a little down. I had two clients yesterday say "It's good to know you're human!" A sign, I think, that I need to be a little - lot - more transparent. We live in these miraculous human bodies and of course any of us can be and feel afflicted at any time.

And why can't I be sick? Clearly I've overestimated my importance to the world's continued spinning. And my own need to always be on plan. A personal foible, for sure.

And then I opened my tattered, bath soaked copy of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras to a random page as I am wont to do before my first Sun Salutations. Today it opened to one of the summation pages, pages I'd frankly forgotten about, and it was the summation of the second chapter, or Sadhana Pada, "Practices for Being Immersed in Spirit."

My eye went directly to the second bullet point: a summary of kleishas, obstacles, the true afflictions. This chapter instructs how to dissolve these afflictions and obstacles.

Do you know? None of them was feeling peaked. Zero. Not even close.

They are ignorance, ego, fear of death, attachment and aversion.

Jeez, I was afflicted for sure, but not in the way I thought! I was suffering from ignorance about what was really important, ego in thinking how important my agenda is, fear of being - not even dead! a little peaked!, attachment to my plans and aversion of adjusting my day, and so my clients' day, to the fact that I might be a quart low.

And, a little reading, a little reflection, a cup of tea, a cup of coffee (oh yes, I might be afflicted there, too, but that's another story), a Sun Salutation or two, and I'm feeling less peaked. And I'm feeling more transparent, more able to simply be as I am today, for myself and those I serve. The gift of 5 minutes of morning reading and reflection.

How do you start your day?