Home Yoga Practice is where the magic happens: where the techniques you practice during a teacher's class become your own. That sparkling, blissful, in love with the world feeling you left your first yoga classes with, that feeling can fade as classes become more routine. But it waits for you on your own mat when you recall those moments and practices and take the deep dive of leading yourself in the practice. At first the face off with the empty mat, with uncertainty and self doubt, can be intimidating and even keep you from what you know deep down you've been itching to do. Every time you think in class, "I wish we could stay longer in this pose," or "I really want to do this other thing next," those are the times your heart is calling out to you, "You can stay longer, you can do that other thing next!" You simply roll out your mat at home and face the uncertainty of whether you'll remember "right" or at all, whether it will feel the way you anticipate. And when you are curious enough to inhabit that uncertain moment, roll out your mat and stand there in the intersection of memory and action, that moment is magic: it is the beginning of an organic transformation that will unlock all the possibilities you feel in class.

Home Yoga Practice (HYP) begins when you turn off the videos and audios - they play a roll, they are a gateway and a support, but they aren't the life vein. And when you decide to be with the uncertainty in which your practice can unfold, it can feel really alone, impossibly alone. But you do not have to go it alone, even when you're following your own intuitive voice, the voice that no one else can hear until you've listened, followed its instruction and given it a voice. You have a community, the HYP Community, here on this blog, on facebook, in the HYP Support Video Calls, through our Inspire Newsletter. You have a place to share victory and defeat, the mundanity of repetition, the novelty of return and to ask questions based on your very unique, personal experience in an accepting, experienced, non-judgmental community, a place to seek answers that are jumping off points for your own explorations and truths. This is your place.

Join the various conversations going on through the video calls, facebook, newsletter and email, comment here. Join the Home Yoga Practice rEvolotion. HYP is the most authentic form of practice. Studio, online and gym classes have democratized the teacher, have made the basic practices nearly universally available. But the yogis who pioneered these practices used their teachers as a jumping off point - in fact, they were expected to. They weren't told, "Hey, just follow along and then meet your friends for dinner after." They grew to inhabit, to engage, to own those practices and to weave them into their very beings. That's the magic of HYP.

Join the HYP rEvolution. Follow the blog, join the fb group, join HYPS, subscribe to the newsletter. Pick one. Then roll out your mat, stand at the top... and breathe.