Healing Yoga

From my yoga mat to yours: healing yoga for everyday life

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Radiant wellbeing is our birthright. It seems like so many of the most necessary activities in life - the ones you can't opt out of without big consequences, like having a human body - have no manual, or at least none that's easily accessible. Learning the most important things to live as healthy...


Sun Salutation: 13 poses to total wellness

Sun Salutations are modifiable, portable and my go to for the best all round yoga practice when time is short and I need a boost of awesome. The idea is simple and profound: balance forward and back bending, upper body and lower body and do it in synchrony with a breath that in and of itself...


Cross Body Activation: Yoga Twists

April is Twist Month in the Badlands and that means we're working with breath, mind and body to let go of anything we no longer need. For twists to have integrity, they have to proceed from stability: Stability allows for revolution. <-click to tweet that! Read or scroll all the way down for...


The Light of Awareness

The process of transformation is uniquely supported by the practice of yoga because even with all the goals and hopes, we set them and let them go. We commit not to a particular outcome, but to practice: the practice of bringing the actual, present moment bodily sensation into awareness. This is...


Home Yoga Practice: where the magic happens

Home Yoga Practice is where the magic happens: where the techniques you practice during a teacher's class become your own. That sparkling, blissful, in love with the world feeling you left your first yoga classes with, that feeling can fade as classes become more routine. But it waits for you on...