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  Clarifying Questions

Hello Amazing Transformational Seeker! You have taken a powerful first step on the road to your transformation. Thank you for signing up for your YogaGuide Consult.

Please answer these questions with as much detail as you're comfortable and we'll schedule your phone or video consult usually within the following week.

You'll receive a clear path forward, instruction in at least one technique to support your ongoing transformation and the clarity of knowing you are bringing your most powerful asset online in support of your wellbeing: your own focused attention and awareness in a clear, non-judgemental field. That last part is the hardest - I know. As you answer the questions, think of yourself and the focus of your transformation as your best friend. How would you approach this situation if your dearest friend, whose power and goodness you totally believe in, brought these concerns to you?

Before you begin, take a moment to close your eyes, feel your body in space as you inhale. Then, as you exhale. Three times.

Did you notice that your breath deepened or relaxed a bit after you started paying attention? Your open focus and awareness is tremendously powerful: it changes your experience.

Okay, now you're ready to begin. Let's get this transformation started!


Birthday with year:

Phone number if using phone call:

What part of your life do you want to transform with this consult? Why are you considering yoga right now in your life?

What makes this your time for transformation?

Do you consider this transformation in process or just begun or about to begin?

What have you tried before now to support this transformation?

Have you considered where you will fit yoga into your current routine and schedule?

Are you more a solo, DIY person, or a group, social person?

Is it hard for you to stick with prior self-care routines, like gyms, meditation practices, workout times? Or are you one of those "once I decide it's done" people... or somewhere in between?

What prior experience do you have with yoga? (choose one or between two)

  • Take it from the top - I’m new at this.
  • I’ve been to classes but always feel like I’m a step behind.
  • I’ve been to classes and know my way around a Warrior and a Down Dog.
  • I practice on my own confidently.
What injuries or other health conditions do you have?

Do you have joint pain or injury? Where?

Do you have other pain or injury? Where? -

Have you ever had a neck injury? When and what? -

Do you have neck pain? What seems to trigger it? -

Do you have high blood pressure (either controlled or uncontrolled)? Are you on medications and working with your doctor? -
Have you had a stroke? -

Is there anything else you'd like me to know?

For women:
Are you trying to conceive?

Are you pregnant? How far? How many prior pregnancies and live births? Are you receiving prenatal care?

Have you delivered in the past 6 months (post-partum)? Was the delivery vaginal or cesarean? Were there complications for you or baby?

Have you had multiple miscarriages?