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  How we connect

Answer the clarifying questions in the next lecture and send them to me. You can copy and paste into the body of an email with just a few clicks. I'll be in touch to schedule our half hour consult within the following week (usually within the same day, but even yoga teachers sometimes take vacation!).

If you'd like a video consult, check out - its like Skype but more stable and clear. It's free for you to download the quick package that allows you to join my meeting room at the time we agree to meet. This is the same platform we use for our Home Yoga Practice Support calls, so if you've been on one of those, you're set.

Otherwise, make sure you include your phone number so we can talk. The video consult will be a little more comprehensive.

Sign up now if you haven't already - it's free, it's easy and you're gonna get a plan!